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Crystal Readings     

Have an enlightening psychic reading with Rondell, & experiance what is revealed through information that could only come from a spiritual source interpreted through my Crystal Divination sessions. 907-252-4904

Special Guest & Events

Check our Calendar/Events for upcoming Special Guests and Special Occasions like Tarot Readings, Mediums, Classes & Workshops.

Crystal Singing Bowl Healing

Enjoy a vibrational sound healing session with Rondell. She harmonizes the subtle life forces with the angelic tones from these tuned Quartz Singing Bowls.

All Readings and Healing Sessions require an appointment. Please contact us 907-252-4904 for any personal queries.

Community Drum

34" sacred mother drum, built on a full moon. This medicine drum was built with the intention of healing the heart and souls of the world. Empowering people from all different cultures and world belief systems to be who they are and stand in their power. One drum out of over 60 community drums built around the world that are connected to bring together the one heart beat of the planet. Drumming Workshops for empowerment, change and healing are availabel. Look in our Calendar for events and to see when the next Drumming Events are scheduled or call us.

Energy Balancing Crystal Gridding

Useing specific crystals and sacred geometry, Rondell uses and harness the energy from crystals, rocks and minerals to heal and balance the body, mind and spirit.

***Also Available byPhone***

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