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Located in Sterling, Alaska

A Magical Place of Affirmation and Inspiration ...

Pye'Wackets is an incredibly inviting shop to visit. The first thing you will notice is the amazing aroma that envelopes the soul and pulls you in. The shop has a wide selection of world famous and rare incenses, candles, essential oils, potions, herbs, mortar & pestals, teas, cauldrons, drums, rattles, music, clothing. Statues and wall plaques of Gods, Goddesses, Buddhas, angels, witches, vampires, werewolves, skulls, faeries, gargoyles, dragons, & mermaids. An incredible selection of rare and hard to find rocks, minerals and crystals that could make any collector pause to fill with joy. Also, the largest selection of books and tarot cards in Alaska completely focused on metaphysics, psychic ability, spirituality and healing. Non-fiction and fiction, self-help, references and a lot more, too.



River Ridge Rd.

Sterling, Ak. 99672

Turn onto Moose River Dr.

We are  1.2 miles in. 

 Turn right onto Entrace Ave.

becomes River Ridge Rd.


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